Sht 55 Comparison Ulf TIMMERMANN Werner GUENTHOR Alessando ANDREI

This document is not new , it was at the time one of the best comparative analysis ever produced on the glide technique thanks to Helmar HOMMEL and Jean Pierre EGGER. It compares the techniques of the 3 best throwers of the time (Who do still belongs to all time top best throwers by the ways !) . Even if , in the international scene , the glide has nearly disappeared (but not completely !) , it is still a technique very much in favour for many athletes and coaches and it is still a technique that can be better fitted to some morphologies , some specific abilities or some peculiar requirements (Combined events for ex). I do also consider myself that translation and rotation are not incompatible and that it is possible to combine the advantages of the two techniques (See Jacko GILL experience).  The purpose being at the end to transfer forces to an implement , the best way to achieve this transfer is still to be able to block the initial motion (Whatever linear or rotational) with the left side and deviate the forces into the right side and up into the implement. Even if Ryan CROUSER has smashed the world record to 23.37m , it is only 31cm more than what the glider TIMMERMANN has achieved 35 years ago !!! And there are still 4 gliders out of the 10 best ever men performers …and 10 out of 10 of the female all times best. Something to think about !