Sht 54 Fred MOUDANI LIKIBI 20.51m France indoor record

Certainly the beginning of the year best new for the French elite shot put scene that was believed to be completely devastated after the renonciation of DAGEE and the DUPONCHEL’s injury. There comes suddenly from the US  a new 20m + thrower (Exactly 20.51m) , Fred MOUDANI LIKIBI , from Congolese ascent , who even dared to break the French indoor record , less than 30cm behind the overall national record of Frédéric DAGEE (20.75m). He is the 6th French shot putter to break the symbolic 20m line. His excellent technique added to his young age (23y) and his morphology (1.94m 125kg) are certainly excellent cards and the likely guarantee of future progresses. Some will not fail to say that ”you need to expatriate to succeed” . But the American methods and system does not always succeed for everybody. Concerning MOUDANI LIKIBI , it worked,  as he was lucky to meet very good coaches and to have successfully moved from the linear to the rotational technique (Which is not always obvious). By the ways , it seems that some former gliders (like Brian OLDFIELD or Jacko GILL) are sometime mechanically and technically more accurate when they succeed to combine the advantages of the 2 techniques . An interesting study to be done one day)

Coming back to MOUDANI LIKIBI , he does throw well , and even amazingly well, as can be seen in the attached documents that we could make , based on the video of his record throw. Available documents : 1-PDF 10 pages technical analysis and comments -2-Original 20.51m record video 3-Video analysis of the key points

Moudani Likibi 20.51m Technical analysis
Moudani Likibi 20.51m technical analysis