Coach 01 Didier POPPE Adelaide conference 2009 SPEED : Produce-Use-Control

At the 2009 Australian track and field coaches conference , D.POPPE made quite a provocative lecture which raised not only interest but also a lot of discussion between coaches from different event groups . The subtitle was ”Are all athletics events THROWS ?” …And indeed THEY ARE as they all follow the same ballistic rules . You throw something , whatever it is an implement or your own body . You may throw it one time for a maximal performance or hundreds of times for an endurance performance….but you THROW ! From there , DP deduct that among the factors influencing the trajectories of implements and bodies , the speed factor is the most important regarding the objective of performance . And from athlete to performance there is a 3 lanes parallel speedway : PRODUCE SPEED (Physical preparation) – USE SPEED (Technical preparation) – CONTROL SPEED (Mental preparation) . it is then easy to draw the coaching consequences of this theory . The SPEED FACTOR has to be at the centre of our training processes . And the final guideline is ” Prepare your athletes like Formula 1 not like trucks !”

Speed Produce Use Control Adelaide 2007 D Poppé