Coach 18 CONDITIONING : SPEED and AEROBICS for throwers

It is well known that throwers don’t like to run. But they are ATHLETES and it is good for them to do some training in these areas. In fact sprint is certainly good for the legs power and the feet reactive capacity. It is also good to learn the proper running technique and posture and use the basic sprinting drills . The aerobic capacity will help to get a better training endurance and overall fitness. Of course we have to take care of the extra load created by the body weight . Javelin throwers will certainly benefit to have some training sessions with the sprinters as they should have also with the jumpers. The document is a PDF produced for IAAF coaching courses and will give some indications on what can be done or not. Remember about the Swiss world class shot putter Werner Gûnthor who was a 2m high jumper and his coach my friend and masterJean Pierre EGGER who was one of the best sprinters of his country !