Coach 02 Techniques for observing the throws

There is no good coaching without good observations. Put 3 coaches with an athlete and they will often see 3 different things ! The coach is not just a ”spectator” of the throw , he is able to see things that others will have no idea about. This specific ”talent” or ability is the result of his experience and his overall knowledge. It goes not only from the global observation to the little details but also to looking for possible connections or causes between the facts observed. So basically you know what you want to look for and you know where to look for this and from which most favorable position. Repetition is also one of the key factors as ONE single observation may not be sufficient or right. Great coaches have the so called ”coaching eye” , they are able to ”feel” that something is wrong somewhere and watch again to get the confirmation. But to build your coaching eye you need to use some simple ”techniques”. This document is an updated 15 pages PDF which will be extremely useful for all coaches to improve this essential aspect of their job. Of course we have now the videos , but can we observe videos properly ?

Techniques for observing the throws