Coach 03 The 6 phases of the throwing events

This document is an improved up date of a basic document that I had produced for IAAF in the years 90 and which served during many years for the content of the IAAF coaching courses level 2 and 3 in many countries in the world. It allows to introduce to the throwing events with general overview and simple informations. Starting from the guideline that SPEED is the essential factor which has to guide the whole training process, one identifies the 3 lanes leading from ATHLETE to PERFORMANCE (PRODUCE speed ; Physical preparation —USE Speed : Technical preparation —CONTROL speed : Mental preparation). Then a comparative study of the 5 main throwing techniques (if we count 2 for the shot pu) shows that if the technical forms are different , the throwers intentions are the same during the 6 phases that you can find everywhere : PREPARATION phase – INITIAL SPEED phase – BUILDING MOMENTUM phase – TRANSFER phase – DELIVERY phase – RECOVERY phase. Each phase has its specific objectives. One can find other ways to analyze the throws, but I think that this one is more logical and has the great advantage to fit as well to the shot or to the hammer ; as well to translation or to rotation. It is a ”must” to have !

The 6 fundamental phases of the throws updated 2020