Coach 04 Conditioning Stabilisation exercises

When talking conditioning , most people think immediately : strength , weights or sophisticated exercises with a physical trainer . OK this will happen at some stage but you have to start from somewhere and before moving any implements or machines , it makes sense to start to be able to move your body properly no ? In fact stabilization exercises are often put aside as they are not as spectacular as most of the maximal force movements . It is sooo comforting indeed to break your PB by 5kg in the bench press that one just forget the to reinforce the usual weak points of the body. Especially with young people. Most stabilization exercises are postural and mainly isometric and the progresses are difficult to measure . But any good throw coach will tell you that if you are not able to control ALL your body and , even more , your body in motion and delicate situations , then , don’t be surprised if the big weights that you are so proud to lift will be ridiculously useless !

Stabilisation exercises compilation
Stabilisation and stretching French team in Potchefsroom