Coach 05 The 5 actions of the right foot

Being the hinge between the preliminary speed building phases (Run up, glide , turn ) and the final phases of delivery and release (Double support – Power position – transfer phase – ejection) , the last right foot landing and support, play an essential role in all the throwing events . The first goal is to manage the transfer of speeds and forces created previously onto the left leg which will have for a job to transfer them into the implement . Because of this the right foot will have also for role to make this left foot land as fast as possible and be available in the best conditions. The 3rd role will be to add its own forces and accelerations on the 3 possible planes , vertically , horizontally or sagittal . At the end it will also have to participate at the balance of the thrower and control of the forces during the delivery. For these purposes , the thrower will use his right foot in 5 different ways which can work isolated or combined but always coordinate. : 1-The preparation in ”foot flex” -2-The rolling actions -3-The pivoting actions -4-The pushing actions -5-The braking actions . Some of these actions are well known , some other relatively ignored , but ALL are necessary . Available document : Tech A 13 pages PDF – In project an illustrative video clip

The 5 actions of the right foot