Coach 08 Conditioning : My method of the multi stimuli D.Poppé

I am not this pretentious to claim having discovered a ”miracle ” or a ”one fits all” training method. There are already enough of them , more or less efficient and more or less scientific etc.. In fact, I am only trying to use some common sense and get back closer to the ”natural” functioning of the human body facing the situation to achieve high level , and sometimes even extreme performances ! When it comes to ”conditioning” , we have too much the tendency to be too much analytic , extensive , dissective and rationalist to the extreme. Doing this , we are just going away from our subject , the human body , in its entirety and its specific nature. In the ”wild natural life” we see animals acting and achieving incredible performances without asking themselves any other question that the one of their survival… There, only the strong ones do survive. Now , we do also want that our athletes become the strongest and ”survive” the competitions with no other consequence …than a medal around their neck ! More than a real ”method” that you follow like a cooking recipe , the ”multi stimuli” method is an advanced concept of high performance aiming to get rid of the routines , create new challenges , get out of the beaten tracks and search for more efficiency to push the boundaries. Knowing that ”who risks nothing get nothing ” and ”who risks too much rides a tall horse”. The high performance training is about to always try to get as close as possible to your limits to push them further …but the problem is THAT WE DON’T REALLY KNOW OUR LIMITS and that , sometimes we trespass them without even noticing and then the sanction is immediate in the form of injury or failure. This question of the ”multi stimuli” will be further and deeper studied in other documents . Documents available now : 1-PDF 26 pages DLP Theory of the multi stimuli method

My method of the multi stimuli
Example of a multi stimuli sequence