Coach 13 CONDITIONING : Conditioning and Core by Olivier PAULY

When one talk about posture and core , everybody think they know a lot on the matter. Without even mentioning those who are still thinking that it is a waste of time to do drills which are not very spectacular and where you cannot add more kilogs on the bar and watch your muscles growing ! In fact , like for many other things , it is always a good idea to ask for help the real experts and Olivier PAULY is one of them . With the great advantage to talk clearly and simply . it is not necessary to jabber a pseudo scientific language and advertise some ”miraculous” methods to have your expertise recognised and appreciated .Olivier has published several works who all revolve around the postural training (Posture and Strength training – Posture and Core strength – Posture and Coordination etc…), excellent quality documents with great pictures and no useless blah blah . He has kindly accepted that I reproduce in this blog the content of the lecture he did at the ”Congress of performance” in Strasbourg 2016. Thank you , and let’s hope that this 39 pages PDF will give him some audience and will incitate some people to know more on the matter and buy his books…That I have done !

Posture and Core Olivier PAULY Strasbourg