Coach 14 Sport psycho :The keys of success by Antoine BARON

Usually I don’t like too much people who pride themselves on being sport psychologists. Most of the time they are people who have never coached anybody but give you advice on how to do it . They are usually making conferences or writing books that nobody remember . They mostly adorn themselves with prestigious titles , like ”doctors” or ”experts” . In short it’s ”bullshit for the pigeons !” if I can express myself. But , by hazard , I came over this document published by a young fellow without pretense but not without common sense . I liked it . It was true and simple . I asked him for the authorization to translate it and publish it in this blog . There it is . Thank you Antoine ! …..Document is a 7 pages PDF .

This document is in memory of Antoine as he has unfortunately died a few months after our communication , from a deadly fall during a mountain trip.