Coach 16 Technique : How to get a fast left foot landing

The left foot landing is one of the most critical points in all the throwing events . It is the connection tool between the speed and force production part (Spin, turns, glide , run up ) and the moment where you have to transfer these speeds and forces to the implement. So we need to get this left foot down as fast as possible to be able to use it as support in the delivery actions. A late , soft or wrongly positioned left foot is the warranty for a bad throw and you will not be able to ”save it” using your arm ! There are different ways to get this left foot fast and ready to do its job , some are better than others but , as often , it is a combination of different actions which will produce the best result , depending on the specificity of the thrower. Many coaches say that they can ”listen” to a throw and be able to get a good one from a bad one . They are right , it is about the famous rhythm ”pam……pa.pam !” or the ”left……right.left ! The document is a 11 pages PDF and it will be completed as soon as possible by one video per event with examples of specific drills on the question. Added 16-04-2020 Vid 1 Some Discus exercises for left foot landing

How to get a fast left foot landing