Coach 17 TESTING and MONITORING the throwing events

Testing is an important part of the training process. Before starting any training , you need to build an ID of the athlete and see what are his strengths and weaknesses . During the training , doing regular testing will monitor the process . Of course the competition is itself the best of the tests. There are all sorts of tests and hundred of them more or less scientific , more or less specific and empiric. Many coaches have their favorite tests or have developed their own tests . Tests can give quite a good idea on what is going to happen on the performance side but they are certainly not 100% accurate. There are different different testing charts published by international coaches , they are certainly useful . I have built my own and I have been working with them successfully since years and improved them with experience. This document is an updated PDF from my IAAF lectures and will take you all over the testing procedures. But beware of the testing mania !

Important note (nov 2022) : I am planning to develop this chapter with another chapter dedicated to the testing and monitoring charts I have quite successfully developed and used since over 40 years coaching as my own method.

Testing and monitoring the throws IAAF up dated DP