Coach 06 Do it yourself ! Building training implements and equipments

Competition implements are expensive (sometimes too much as they are not that good and really performing better to justify the price) , but they have to be official and in great condition. The problem is different for training implements as , thinking seriously of it , you don’t need to have the last models of the most sophisticated devices to train seriously and efficiently . The good old rubber car tube sand bags have so many variations and possible uses that they can cover most of the training needs without putting your hand to deep in your pocket and save your money for other purposes . Do it yourself sand bags can replace implements , balls , weights , medicine ball , dumbbells , clubs etc…etc.. They are easy to build , last for months and years , cost near to nothing , safe for other people around , well designed for indoor throwing , adjustable to all weights and sizes …and fun to use. The main problem with them is that since that nearly all cars have tubeless tyre , they are very difficult to find. The following documents will give you some ideas on how to build yourself a large set of equipment …for free ! – Tech0 PDF 3 pages building a one handle sand bag – Vid1 Video building a rubber hammer

Building a multipurpose sand bag
Building a rubber sand bag hammer