Div 01 Bob’s throws figurines and artistic trophies

There is nothing more ugly than most sport trophies . Ok , if you have won them , you will find them marvellous and sometimes expose them in a special display window in your lounge. But most trophies are ending without glory in shoes boxes in the attics until somebody get rid of them. It is different when the trophy has some artistic value by itself , then it combine the sport glory and memories with a more durable and sharable object . Artistic value has also the advantage that the thing must not necessarily be plated with silver or gold , and this is exactly what it is about with the little figurines created by Bob RITCHIE , alias ”Captain” Ritchie , who , at age 83 , was spending most of retirement time to repair , conceive and build throwing implements of all sorts with an incredible ingenuity and patience . Then the idea of the throws trophies came quite naturally and Bob liked the new challenge to achieve something with nearly nothing , old pieces of metal , bolts ans screws that he was storing in his garage-workshop since years and years …in case it could be used again. So this is the result and it’s certain original and good looking . REAL trophies for real throwers ! Bob does not want to make a business out of that , just a bit of fun and the money to cover his time and expenses . So if you want one , you can still try to order one. See the conditions in the available documents : 1-Tech 0 PDF with pictures of all the different models already made -2-Vid 1 . A video clip made out of this PDF