Div 08 Auckland champs 2019 participation stats

Unfortunately the statistics of the participation at these champs in the throwing events just show that the situation has been further deteriorating . the critical ages U16 , U18 and U20 are on the brink of extinction , the seniors have already quite completely disappeared already since the previous year . Of course there were sometimes many people on the track , but can you call athletes children of ages 7 to 10 who are just playing a caricature of performance sport . it is a pity and sometimes scary (Knowing the possible health consequences of early over”training” ) to see these poor children manipulated in such a way ! And the stats are clearly showing that after this early ”killing” , the 10 to 14 years age group numbers are already dropping by 30 to 70% so that at the end less than 5% of these young so called ”athletes” will survive the system and make it to the senior ranks (see document ”stop the slaughter” in this blog).