Div 09 Once a cheater , always a cheater . Valerie ADAMS on doping

It is certainly straight talking from the 2 times Olympic champion and multiple world champion Valerie ADAMS. She , among many other clean athletes , suffered to be stolen many times from honors , prize money and reputation because of the doped cheaters . The most ”famous” of them being probably the Belarus Nadzeya OSTAPCHUK who ”won” the London 2012 Olympics shot put before being disqualified , stripped from her title and the medal awarded to Valerie. But even if you get the medal back in some sort of confidential ”ceremony” , you will never get back all which has been stolen to you and the unique emotion of the real medal ceremony. So you can understand that Valerie ADAMS , now ”Dame” Valerie ADAMS , did not mince her words when she was asked by The Gardian reporter about her opinions on this matter. Available documents : 1- PDF Valerie ADAMS interview by the Gardian before Rio de Janeiro Olympics.