Div 4 Carol CONTE Throws fashion ”top model”

Some throwers are ”technical models” , some people …are models. (That mean ”fashion” models ) . But very few are both . especially when reaching an age where most people do not think about modelling and even less about throwing anything . Carol CONTE is one of these exceptions. This quite frail 78 years old lady came to the idea to have a go at the throwing event 2 years ago . ”It is never too late to do well” , so says the popular saying and it proved to be true when Carol started first to ”fight” with the javelin but the javelin ”won” as her shoulder could not deal with the high stress , then she went to the shot put , but that was not really the funniest thing to do as when you throw about 6m you have little time to enjoy the flight of the implement . By luck , she was contaminated by the hammer ”virus” and that was the start of a new ”love” . A lot of hard work later she even managed to get the 75+ Auckland record using one turn and she is now looking for the 2nd and 3rd turns and , why not , make it to the New Zealand record. A great story and another proof (it it was needed) that athletics performances and achievements are not only for the ”elite” and that you don’t need to be a super strong person to achieve a decent hammer throw and enjoy yourself in the process. To figure on the same cover page of a magazine with the Queen of England Elizabeth II , the Prime Minister of New Zealand Jacinda ARDERN and the Queen of the country music Dolly PARTON , among others , is a recognition of the fact. Available documents : 1-Tech 1 PDF 4 pages Women weekly -2-Vid 1 Carol Conte hammer drills for masters   Pict : Carol CONTE and Jacko GILL

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