Div 11 Psychosociology for fun of the throws and the throwers .Part 3 : Not breeding in captivity

Note : The 2 first chapters of this suite will be translated and published later

In this 3rd chapter of our psycho sociology of the throws and the throwers (There are a few more chapters to come) , we have revised and up dated an article published in our throws bulletin ”TRAJECTOIRE” (n* 81 March 1991) . Some 30 years ago !!!  It’s a lot , BUT the poor situation of the throwers in many countries in the world has not changed and if it has at all , it has not been going in the right direction. Misunderstood by many  , despised by others , evicted from many competitions , ignored by the media , reduced to bare minimum for prize money , condemned to beg for public financial help to prepare themselves correctly , excluded from the main stadium field , systematically suspected of cheating when the other events  biggest cheaters are ”protected” , reduced to the ”make the number” roles , threatened with extinction in many places …etc…. Nothing has changed if not for worse , as could attest so many of the last enthusiasts who try as much as they can to perpetuate the traditions and the fact that the human being is the only animal (With his close cousin the ape) intelligent enough to be able to throw. Of course , to throw a shot , a discus , a hammer or a javelin has become completely anachronistic in a society where you don’t throw anything , except insults ,punches or bombs !  But with reference to the philosophers , the scientists and all the people who made our history since the earliest antique times , the least we can do is to perpetuate the existence of the ”HOMO ejectus vulgaris” compared to the ”HOMO press buttonus debilis” !

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Psychosociology of the throws part 3 Not breeding in captivity