Div 10 Humour : Hypertrophy , a proteinaceous recipe by nils POPPE

Nutrition is certainly one of the influencing factors concerning the physical conditioning and the results of training. But , like in many other things , there is NUTRITION …and NUTRITION. It would be better to talk about dietetic . But even there , this is a ground where one should go cautiously because the market (And the web) is full of charlatans and miracle recipes and products , the whole being more or less packed into junk science. The proteins and the ”dietary supplements” are just some of these thing which can reveal to be perfectly useless , and even noxious. In fact they can be appropriate in a few cases (quite rare) where a healthy and well adapted diet would not fill the needs . But it is not compulsory to run around with a stock of cans and diverse products to become a high performance athlete. Leave that to those who believe in magical potions ! Document : Vid 1 Hypertrophy , an original recipe to use your proteins .