Dsc 10 Connor BELL 69.67m 1.5kg NZL U18 record

With this throw , one of best ever in the world for this age group . Connor BELL confirmed his position of best young talent ever seen in NZL. This document is a photo sequence analysis of this throw. It is obvious that Connor’s technique is out of norms at this age. Many senior athletes would certainly be happy to have it. Connor was already throwing over 69m at 15y with a 1,25kg . Then 69,67m 2 years later with the 1,5kg in 2018 . Now we are in 2020 , will Connor also throw these huge distances with a 1,75kg under 20 implement . It is very possible ! Then after , there will be one step left …with the 2kg senior implement . Of course we are going to follow this story. – Document added 17-04-2020 Vid 1 BELL 69,67m Video analysis

Connor BELL 69.67m 1.5kg Technical analysis
Connor BELL 69.67m 1.5kg video analysis