Ham 06 HAMMER around the clock : The ”clock exercise”

Hammer throw looks so difficult to coach ! In fact it is the most simple of the throwing events. Of course you will have to learn the proper foot work heel ball technique and learn how to ”catch” the hammer with the right leg. The best thing to do is to use the ”hammer around the clock” method. Not forgetting that the hammer (For a right handed thrower) revolve ANTI CLOCK wise. You just need to draw a circle on the ground and set the 12.00 , 6.00 , 3.00 , 9.00 positions on the ”clock” face then pick two sticks to make the hands and set them at different ”times” to get the thrower to achieve the different parts of the turn with the key position at 6.00 (Start) , 3.00 (Entry face left) , 1.00 (High point) , 11.00 (Catch) , 9.00 (Face right) , 7.00 (Low point). This method is MUCH better for understanding the technique and will get any beginner to succeed to do a one turn/delivery at the FIRST session ! When the common method starting with swings/delivery , will be very confusing . The document is a new 9 pages PDF showing the different key points of the technique in relation with the ”time” on the hammer clock. added on 29-04-2020 Vid1 Progressive drill to full turn using the clock drill – Vid2 – Multiple 90* catches using the clock

Hammer around the clock analysis
Swings with right foot successive 90* landings