Ham 48 Oliver CHUNG Story 2 14y 51.67m 4kg

Oliver CHUNG will turn 15 years only coming December . At only 59kg body weight and 1.66m tall , he is now belonging to the 50m club after throwing a 51.67m Pb one week ago. At the look of our documents and analysis , there is still room for technical improvements but Oliver is VERY FAST in the circle and this is for the moment enough to compensate for his relatively small body mass , size and strength. The recent world champion Ethan KATZBERG is also said to put SPEED as the new trend to look first for in the hammer throwing and doesn’t fit with the ”classic” picture of “strength” that sticks to this event. One day , I asked a rather famous coach from the US why one of his female athletes did not use the 4 turns technique as she seemed to have a sufficient technical level and could have easily managed the technical transfer from the 3 to the 4 turns . The answer was ”because she is not strong enough and she needs to be stronger to move to the 4 turns !!!! ”  No comment ! . …In fact the girl became stronger …and never achieved anything close to what could have been expected from her obvious potential.

The old problem of the difficult and rather unreliable relationship between strength and speed in the throwing events has not finished to fuel controversy among the coaches and scientists !

Available documents : 1-PDF 7 pages Technical analysis Oliver CHUNG 51.67m + Competition monitoring 2022-2023  -2-Original Video Oliver CHUNG 51.67m

Oliver CHUNG 51.67m analysis