Ham 46 Hammer coaching experience Anthony BARMES VS Anthony BARMES

Nothing look more similar than two throws from  the same thrower , especially at high performance level where the athlete ‘s technique is already very consistent.

But the coach must be able to pick even the smallest differences to be able to work on more improvement . This document will give you a practical opportunity to deal with this sort of situation and to pick the differences between a training throw in July and another in August when Anthony was back in Auckland . it’s not an easy coaching exercises as you have to rely on picking little details to be able to guess if there are any changes in the thrower intentions. Starting with this cover picture to give you an idea of the difficulty of the challenge . Of course we have added our own observations and comments with the advantage to know what has been worked on during this time.

Available documents : 1-PDF 8 pages commented photo sequences comparison Barmes training July and August 2023 – 2-Video Barmes training July 2023  3-Video Barmes training August 2023

Barmes VS Barmes coaching experience
Barmes training August 2023