Ham 07 Anita WLODARCZYK 81.08m world record Documents

An historic and well deserved record for the Polish girl who has been the first woman to break the symbolic 80m in the female hammer throw. This happened in her home country on 1st august 2015 in a special yearly hammer competition , the Skolimowska memorial in Rzut Mlotem named after a former Polish Olympic hammer champion. Anita WLODARCZYK has broken the world record many times -77,96m Berlin 2009 – 78,30m Bydgozcz 2010- 81,08m 2015 (our document) – then 82,29m in Rio OG -And finally 82,96m in Warsaw 2016. When still no other woman has yet managed the 80m mark. No use to say that she has a model technique : superb posture and balance – Great high ”catching” – Long radius -Great speed and acceleration…Everything ! The documents are issued from a U tube good quality video :.Vid 1-WLODARCZYK 81,08m throw – Vid 2 – 81,08m throw technical video analysis .