Ham 10 Anthony NOBILO (NZL) 2017 64.74m

Anthony is certainly one of the most impressive young hammer throwers in NZL as he has a relative ”thin” morphology. But he does compensate this with an incredible determination to achieve his goals and with a great technique . This technique was built through several years as seen in this document from January 2015 shows (he was just 16 years at the time !) . This is already great hammer throwing , and you can see the perfect high catching positions in turns 3-4 . It is certainly a good idea to first build a good technique and then move to the heavy strength preparation and eventual body weight increase . Anthony , now with coach and physical conditioner Mike SCHOFIELD has now replaced Matt BLOXHAM in the NZL champion position and scored pbs of 69,17m with 6kg and 64,93m with 7kg. It will be a challenge for him to become the 4th NZL 70m+ thrower ! Document added 26-04-2020 Vid1 NOBILO Hammer 6kg 64,76m PB sept 2017 Video Analysis Already a great technique !