Ham 22 Quentin BIGOT (France) Technical documents

The trajectory of Quentin BIGOT has been less clean than his hammers’s trajectories. It is certainly more difficult to de-dope yourself than to dope and to have the courage to erase the bad souvenirs from people’s memories …and from your own self esteem. In the opposite of those who simply disappear from the sporting scene or , who, once their suspension achieved, are unable to reproduce their past performances , Quentin had the merit to face the problem like you have to face your hammer before you throw it away , wanting not only to ”redeem” himself in other people eyes , but to his own eyes by aiming to prove that he could be a TRUE champion….And he succeeded ! Not only did he came back to his best level , but he did much better by becoming a vice world champion and now with a new PB at 79,70m which make him to be one of the favorites in this event at the next Olympic games . Not all the sporting stories have a ”happy end” but we certainly would like this one to finish well ! Anyways , technically , he is doing a pretty good job as can be seen on the following documents .Available documents : : 1-Tech 0 PDF 5 pages Tech analysis Bigot 78m+ throw , partial document (Visitors) -2- tech 4 PDF 9 pages tech analysis Bigot 78m+ Full document (Members) -3-Vid 1 Bigot 78m + Tech Video Analysis -4-Vid 2 Bigot 78,95m Samorin 02-06-2021 -5-Vid 3 Bigot 79,70m serie Turku 08-06-2021 Original videos curtesy of Fred Hugenell

BIGOT Technical analysis 78m+
BIGOT Technical video analysis 78m+