Ham 28 ANTHONY vs ANTHONY 2 : BARMES’s offensive 66.32m 67.09m

Anthony BARMES 66.32m Our last document about the Anthonys , NOBILO and BARMES , rivalry had just been posted one week ago when we got a new development in the story. Anthony BARMES has been striking a near 2.5m new PB last friday in Des Moines (USA) , winning the ”Missouri Valley conference” competition with a 66.32m throw . Only 39cm short from the NZL best 2022 performance hold by Anthony NOBILO with 66.71m. BARMES has succeeded to do some corrections to his technique and this throw looks a lot more better than the 63.94m we have analysed in the preceding chapter. Now the (hammer) glove challenge has been thrown. . NOBILO is now in winter preparation in NZL and may not be able to compete before the last 3 months of this year , out of may be the Oceania champs in June , but one can be sure that he is not a guy to give up so easily and will defend his national leadership with all the fighting spirit he use to show as great competitor . Anthony BARMES may have a few more opportunities in the US to confirm this last performance and take the lead . Certainly both of them will benefit from this distance competition …until they can really meet face to face for a show down !!! Available documents : 1-Tech 1 PDF 3 Pages Anthony BARMES 66.32m photo sequence analysis -2-Vid 1 Video technical Analysis Anthony BARMES 66.32m throw

Anthony BARMES 67.09m : Now things are getting serious in the distance competition Anthony vs Anthony , alias Anthony NOBILO the NZL champion and his challenger Anthony BARMES . At the beginning of the year NOBILO got his 4th NZL title in a row without opposition and he still managed to imnprove his PB with a 66.71m throw . Anthonu BARMES who was his second the year before in 2021 was not even challenging him because he had already moved to the US with a student scholarship at the Drake University. That was the best thing which could happen to BARMES as , in Auckland, he could not really train properly (Hardly once a week) because other multiple commitments . The picture was quite different at the Drake university where he had the opportunity to train seriously every day as part of a young throwers squad . The winter preparation did already show signs that something was going to happen when he managed to improve his weight indoor PB to over 19m . Then , when the US season started it was PB after PB and the original objective to break the 60m line was soon replaced by the 65m line as it is now by the 70m line . the progression is impressive ; 61.26m 26 march -62.87m 8 april – 63.13m 16 april – 63.94m 30 april – 66.32m 13 May and now 67.09m 25 may. This distance being the new year NZL leading performance for the moment . A.BARNES has not only seriously improved his strength with a new body weight now at 100kg but he has been working seriously on his technical problems with help of the throws coach of the Drake University Zane CHAPMAN . And it is improving at each competition with still more improvements possible as , for example , the last catch under 9 0’clock is an obvious issue . There are 1 or 2m to get from a catch at 11 0’clock. This distance competition between the 2 Anthony is far to be over as one can rely on the well know Anthony NOBILO fighting spirit to answer his rival challence : Available documents : 1-Vid 1 BARMES Anthony 67.09m Original video credit Zane Chapman 2-Vid 2 BARMES 67.09m visitors  – 3-Vid 3 BARMES 67.09m

Barmes 66.32m technical analysis
BARMES 66.32m video analysis
BARMES 67.09m video analysis