Ham 29 Quentin BIGOT (FRA) 80.14m welcome to the club

The French Quentin BIGOT is throwing the hammer since 17 years and a first throw of 28m in 2005 with the 4kg . In 17 years , a lot of things can happen , good or bad . But it represents how many tenth of thousands of throws , how many thousands hours of training to get there., at least , at the top pf the international elite in the very select and restricted club of the throwers who have succeeded to beat the symbolic 80m line . There are about 110 of them since the Russian Boris ZAITCHUK was the first to get there , also with a 80.14m throw.and among them 5 Frenchmen . There is still a large gap with the French record hold by Gilles DUPRAY with 82.38m since year 2000. , more than 20 years ago ! This record could be , of course , the next objective for Quentin BIGOT , but he seems to be more a championship athlete that a record breaking athlete as shows his honours palmares where there is a world vice champion title . This is not to be overlook in the current times for the French athletics federation with the rather uncertain perspective of the coming Olympics in Paris 2024 . Paris 2024 ! This is not that far away now and maybe that the cards have already been distributed between the best world throwers . A 80m throw will certainly be a good card to play , but still not a trump card !!!! Available documents : PDF 5 pages free access out of 10 pages Bigot 80.14m Technical Analysis Commented photosequence -2-Tech 4 PDF 10 pages Full document Bigot 80.14m Technical analysis , Commented photo sequence – 3- BIGOT 80,14m Original video from 4TV .  Video Analysis Bigot 80.14m Slow mo , freeze framing , key points -Vid 3 Partiel 30% Video analysis Bigot 80.14m…. Assistance documentation Fred Hugenell … Addition : 6- Vid 4 BIGOT 80.55m PB 05-06-2022

BIGOT 80.14m technical analysis
BIGOT 80.14m video analysis