Ham 38 Anthony BARMES 70.53m wins the NZL men’s hammer race

That was a bit like a Tour de France cycling race . With two champions fighting for the yellow jersey , trying to escape and winning stages. Anthony Barmes vs Antony Nobilo rivalry really started in 2021 when Barmes got the chance to be given a scholarship to go to the Drake university in the States. There he could have all the conditions to train seriously without worrying to make his living . And with help of these good conditions , a good throwers group spirit and a good coach , The progresses were spectacular , going from 56m to 67m+ the first year and then , adding already more than 3m this season to break the famous 70m line . A world level symbol for the hammer throwers. Winning the distance ”race” to this mark against the multi national NZ champion Anthony NOBILO . NOBILO , only 1 year older , started earlier and won the 60 and 65m stages , but BARMES came from behind full speed , closing the gap in June 2022 (67.09m vs 67.29m) . Then NOBILO escaped again at the end of the year (68.25m) and BARMES had to wait the winter to counter attack . Both were head to head beginning April with 68.95m and this time it was BARMES who had the season advantage and made it to the 70m stage victory with 70.53m. becoming the 1067th thrower in the world ever to achieve this performance and the 4th New Zealander.

Well done ! Obviously this is not the end of the story . We know that Anthony (BARMES) has in mind to go for the NZL record (73.10m by Angus COOPER ) , we also know that Anthony (NOBILO) is not the guy to accept defeat so easily and is planning to go to Europe in July where he will certainly have opportunities not only to become also a 70m thrower but to send a new challenge and open a new chapter in NZL hammer throw history.

Available documents : 1-PDF 3 pages Anthony BARMES 70.53m diverse stats  2-Original video of the 70.53m throw  3-BARMES 70.53m photo sequence


Anthony BARMES 70.53m photo sequence