Jav 02 Alix in javelin wonderland

Once upon a time there was a little girl . She was only 9 years and 4 months old …and she threw the javelin ! When I saw this video on Facebook , I could not believe what I saw and I repeated the clip again and again until the evidence came clear . It was one of the best technical throws I had even seen ! So with agreement of the initial clip producer Lubos ANDEL , I made a complete analysis of this thrower like it is usually done for the champions . In a short mail exchange , Lubos confirmed that he is not ”training” her but that she has just got ”naturally” this talent. Just incredible as so many children this age are not able to throw anything , even badly . It will be interesting to follow what happen to this girl as the REAL problems are now in front of her and those around her . Most early talents and developers never achieve anything or even succeed to get into the senior ranks. Talent ,Technique and Teenagers are so fragile and unpredictable ! Documents are : 1- A 2 pages PDF with commented photo sequence 2-A video analysis with multiple sequences slow motion , picture freezing , key positions .

Alix in javelin wonderland tech analysis