Jav 45 Roald BRADSTOCK some things I have learned in 33 years of javelin throwing

Roald BRADSTOCK is somebody out of norms in the javelin world . First he succeeded to be one of the best ever all times javelin throwers with a best of 91.40m (Of course with the famous ”flying” javelin , but also managed a respectable 83.20m with the new actual model , still an enviable performance which can get you into a world or Olympic final. But that was not enough for him and ,at the moment where others decide to retire to look after their more or less broken bodies , he decided to keep going and in such a way that he simply become the best in different masters age groups , throwing 74.28m at age 42 and up now into his sixties achieving distances that many much younger competitor can envy . And , cherry on the cake , he can express himself not only with different coloured javelin models , but with the brushes of an artist painter ! Knowing tthat the javelin throw is the most demanding event on the body , it is certainly very interesting to know how he has been able to make such a long career with relatively little injuries . We have refreshed this relatively old document that he published some years ago. In fact , it is a document which tells things SIMPLY and CLEARLY , it is full of common sense , and common sense is something that people tend too easily to forget when they are playing with their computer software and obscuring their vision with too many useless and confusing ”scientific” data.   (document published with curtesy of the author)

Bradstock Things i have learned