Jav 44 The javelin thrower’s shoulder Geoffrey and Olivier PAULY

Sport and science is a family story among the PAULYs with the father , Olivier, being an expert coach in  athletics and national coach for para athletes , and the son , Geoffrey , a multi graduated physiologist and an elite athlete, member of the French national volley ball team. They have been working for different sports and they have certainly interesting things to say about …the javelin throwers.

The shoulder , such a marvellous , efficient and complexe joint , is also very fragile and very often mistreated . It is a constant subject of concern for the javelin throwers and their coaches . We have already published a more medical and detailed approach study from Dr Louis PALLURE and the point of view of Philippe STROINSKI , a French well known javelin coach. This document brings further informations coming from the physio’s side who are very often solicited to deal with the multiple problems and injuries happening . These problems can occur at any moment of the training and spoil the athlete’s season , sometimes his career. CAUTION is the most appropriate word to sum up the attitude that one must have concerning this recurring problem. This document should incite to caution and could help to prevent the conséquences of a training which is too often too much oriented toward the search of the maximal strength. .

This theoretical study should be completed by examples of specific exercises to be progressively published in this web site.


The javelin thrower's shoulder G and O Pauly