Jav 09 Indoor ball throwing Boris HENRY Johan SMALBERGER

The German javelin thrower Boris HENRY (PB 90,44m) was among the very few to throw over 90m before 2000 with the 1986 model. He was coached by Klaus BARTONIETZ who is well known from all the biomechanists in the world and known as ”Santa Klaus” by a few NZL coaches !. On this document made by Klaus , Boris HENRY shows a really GREAT technique ! It is frequent than when using balls , throwers allow themselves some ”mistakes” and ”liberties” that they could not afford to do with a proper javelin. There you have to take care of throwing the ball ”like a javelin” …and not like a ball ! It is not the same thing ! Document is a photo sequence. Document video added 13-04-2020 B.Henry 84,74m throw.       Johan SMALBERGER is a NZL 73m + thrower and demonstrates a training progression with indoor ball throwing.

Boris HENRY Indoor ball throwing
Indoor ball throwing progression Smalberger