Jav 18 Diving or not diving ?

It seems that more and more modern throwers are diving after the delivery . Is this a technical research or just a consequence of trying to throw faster and not being able to block at higher speeds ? Since Al CANTELLO , the pioneer of the ”diving” technique , several world records have been broken using either of these techniques ! Does the thrower morphology and ”spirit” plays a role ? Some throwers have been performing with both techniques ? So , is one really better ? Most ”divers” are men . Is this a problem of the men being more aggressive and being faster in their approach of the event ? Or of the women not really able or reluctant to try it ? The FULL transfer of forces in the implement can only be achieved with a full blocking ….BUT … the rebounding action on the left leg may create additional forces during the blocking and be then called an ”ACTIVE” blocking (in fact an ”Impulse” ) , compared to a ”PASSIVE” full blocking . Biomechanically , one can give priority to either of the 3 components of the throw resulting delivery force : Vertical – Longitudinal – Rotational . ”Diving” or ”not diving” put emphasis on different components . is there a matter of improving on one side and losing on the other ? Should we teach the diving technique ? These are some of the many questions which can arise when watching some of the actual top javelin thrower in action and a good matter to be discusses . So don’t hesitate to post your comments. Available documents so far : 1-Tech4 PDF 9 pages Diving or not diving ?  2-Al Cantello the 1st ”diver” photo sequence  3-Jean Claude BUTET (France)

Diving or not diving