Jav 23 Javelin diverse documents competitions

In this chapter , we are planning to collect progressively diverse documents (PDF and videos) around the thema javelin which to us of some interest for the javelin fans. Available documents so far : 1-Vid 1 Women World champs 1983 Helsinki – Duel betweeen Tiina LILLAK (Fin) 70,82m and Fatima WHITBREAD (GB) 69,14m , 3rd Anna VEROULI (GRE) 65,72m -2- Vid 2 Kuortane 2021 Vetter 93,59m Walcott 89,12m Chopra 86,79m -3-Vid 3 : the 8 longest throws in the diamond league meetings ( Rohler 90,06m -Hofmann 90,08m-Walcott 90,16m-Yego 91,39m-Hofmann 91,44m-Vetter 91,56m-Röhler 91,78m-Röhler 93,90m