Jav 27 Bree ACKLAND Javelin experience

Young Bree ACKLAND is one of the best competition ”divers” in New Zealand . Surprisingly and for the reason that she was doing better than her school mates at throwing things , she got in her mind ”why not try to throw the javelin ?” and she came for a ”trial” in this completely different event . OK , the ”trial” was not especially extraordinary as she got the implement only somewhere around 25m , a very modest throw indeed . But she got the ”virus” and decided she could do better than that and started ”training” for the javelin throw only once a week to qualify for the national school champs . One month later she made it and came 8th with 28,47m , a good result but nothing to get really excited about. But there was a growing evidence that she could do much better and she decided to keep going . Last April she moved to 30,91m for a 6th place at the U18 NZL champs. Things were getting more serious . Now in May , she scored 33,34m …And it seems more and more likely that she could be a 40m thrower by the end of the year ! So this is so far the story of Bree ”Javelin experience” , the story of a very common beginner who is progressively discovering that she has some hidden talent. Because talent she has when you look at these documents where her technique is simply ”incredibly” good in some parts of the throw . Any javelin coach in the world will agree with my comment ! Available documents : -1-Tech 1 PDF 7 pages technical Analysis -2- Vid 1 Video analysis with slow motion , freeze framing – key phases -3-Vid 2: ”Coaching Bree ” javelin : Faults and corrections training exercises .

Bree Ackland javelin experience tech analysis
Bree Ackland javelin experience exercises