Jav 30 TOKYO Olympics Top 12 men finalists

One can say that this was was a javelin competition people have been and will still be talking about . With the completely unexpected defeat of the German super favorite Johannes VETTER . A defeat not to be contested on the competition field but which finally moved into uncovering a scandal after it was found that the structure of the track was completely inappropriate to the demands of the javelin throw . Too many technical trafficking and not enough expertise on the javelin throw . Out of VETTER , some other favorites have been also ”failing” , like Keshorn WALCOTT and Marcin KRUKOVSKI , leaving the field free for the young and impetuous Indian Neeraj CHOPRA for an ”historic” victory. No doubt that he did fully deserved his win . Another surprise was the rather ”sympathetic” come back of the Czech VADLEJCH and VESELY for a medals double under Jan ZELEZNY master’s eye . Julian WEBER missed the podium by less that 15cm and could not save the German javelin throw’s face. Only 2 years ago , the German were expected to make a complete sweep of the javelin medals ! Even if nobody did break the 90m , it was a high standard competition with a new generation of throwers . You had to throw over 82.52m to make the top 8 ! Available documents :1- Vid 1 Neeraj CHOPRA 87,02m 87,58m -2- Vid 2 Jakub VADLEJCH 83,98m 86,57m -3- Vid 3 Vitezslav VESELY 85,44m 84,98m -4-Vid 4 Julian WEBER 85,30m 85,15m -5- Vid Arshad NADEEM 82,40m 84,62m 82,91m-6- Vid 6 Aliaksei KATKAVETS 82.49m 81.43m 83,71m

The top 8 was decided at some 83m , just a bit better than the top 12 at about 82m after the qualifications . And this was also the level of the final top 10. So this was a solid competition with less than 5m between the 1st and the 10th and , following the disappearance of some of the top favorites , several less rated athletes had finally their chance to be able to produce a 85m throw and go for the medals. That was exactly what the Tchechs VADLEJCH and VESELY did !. The last Finn standing ETELATALO was only 8th to confirm the overall defeat of the Nordic countries and Germany compared to the ”rising forces” coming out of the Eastern part of the world. Avail;able documents 1- Vid 1 Andrian MARDARE 81.73m 82,84m 83,30m 2-Vid 2 Lassi ETELATALO 83,28m 79.99m 83.05m -3-Vid 3 Johannes VETTER 82,52m X X -4-Vid 4 Pavel MIALECHKA 82.28m-79.34m-78.13m -5- Vid 5 Kim AMB 77.22m-78.31m-79.69m -6- Vid 6 NOVAC 77.03m-79.29m-X

Tokyo CHOPRA 87.02m 87.58m
Tokyo VADLECH 83.98m 86.67m
Tokyo VESELY 85.44m 84.98m
Tokyo WEBER 85.30m 85.15m
Tokyo NADEEM 82.40m 84.62m 82.91m
Tokyo KATKAVETS 82.49m 81.71m 83.71m
Tokyo MARDARE 81.73m 82.84m 83.30m
Tokyo ETELATALO 83.28m 79.99m 83.05m
Tokyo VETTER 82.52m X X
Tokyo MIALECHKA 82.28m
Tokyo AMB 79.69m
Tokyo NOVAC 77.03m 79.29m X