Jav 36 Hengelo 2022 PETERS 88.70 WEBER 89.54m WALCOTT 89.07m

The world javelin men scene is booming . Was it possible to imagine that the first 3 of an international meeting would throw over 89m without VETTER , CHOPRA , VADLECH, or RHÖLER or several other ”big arms” ruling usually the event being there. This is quite promising in the perspective of the next world championships after the TOKYO’s fiasco and frustration due to the poor quality of the track. Can you realise that all these great guys would probably throw quite regularly over 100m if they could still use the pre 1986 ”flying javelins”. In fact the world record , 98,48m by Jan ZELEZNY still looks very ”far” away, but it is certainly not out of reach anymore. Will the international federation have again to penalize the excellency and change again the rules or the implements if the javelin throwers are so obstinated to try to throw ”too far” ? Anyways Anderson PETERS (90.75m), Julian WEBER (89.54m) and Keshorn WALCOTT (89.07m) , to start with these 3 , have the potential to do much better as can be seen on the videos we could make using the documents collected by Fred HUGENELL . This is great javelin throwing which will delight the ”purists” …and it also do show that it is possible to throw very far without needing to sacrify to the ”diving” mania of the actual VETTERisation mode , Available documents : 1- Vid 1 Best throws of the competition PETERS 90.75m WEBER 89.54m WALCOTT 89.07m 2-Vid 2  Hengelo PETERS 89.70m 89.29m 90.75m with slow mo -3-Vid 3 WEBER 89.54m video with slow mo and freeze framing -4-Vid 4 WALCOTT 89.07m Video with slow mo and freeze framing

Hengelo 2022 Peters 88.70m 88.29n 90.75m
Hengelo 2022 WEBER 89.54m
Hengelo 2022 WALCOTT 89.07m