Jav 41 Roch KRUKOWSKI (POL) 15y 74.63m 700g European Olympic Youth champion

Talent is not accrued with age . In the case on this young Polish javelin thrower , this is the first thing which comes to mind . In fact this only 15 year old who has succeeded to become the European Olympic youth 2022 winner against people sometimes over 2 years older , has either a natural talent , or is an early developer . His technique is indeed faultless …and this is quite a problem because it set the question : ”Where can he improves” if he want to get into the world class senior ranks at more or less short term. In fact we are always facing the same problem as it is obvious that he will have to get ”stronger” to deal with the 800g implement and throw it well over 80m as needed now in international competitions. But we know that so many young talents have never been able to get to this level and have prematurely disappeared . Getting stronger is fine , but how and how much and what sort of ”strength” are we talking about ? Like the Finn Topi PARVIAINEN ,we shall follow very closely the career of this ”baby” champion !