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Didier Lucien Poppe

Didier Lucien POPPE is born on October 29th 1943 in Dives sur Mer (France) on the Normandy sea side. His parents were professional Art photographers. In 1958 he was admitted at the teachers training College in Caen This is where he published his first writing as ‘’Chief redactor’’ of the school bulletin ‘’Normalia’’. Some bravery pieces which were not always appreciated by the hierarchy ! From there , he oriented himself in 1962 toward the physical education professorship. This choice was motivated by the results he obtained in diverse sporting events and more especially in the javelin throw where he made it to be selected in the national French team. After obtaining his teacher certification in 1967 and one year teaching at the Lycée Henri Poincaré in Nancy, he went to Tunisia to execute his military service as a ‘’cooperation’’teacher. He spend 6 years at the Monastir teachers training school, developing athletics, judo, sailing and rugby in the country. For this he received a written congratulation from Président BOURGUIBA itself. Pict: Throwing the Javelin (Bremerhaven 1964)

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