Dsc 02 Lukas WEISHAIDINGER Technical analysis

This thrower is doing many things which are not recommended to do and are usually characteristic of beginners (Upper body and head leading for ex) -He also don’t do what is recommended especially on the matter of range of arms and legs actions. -His ”style/technique” is not ”new” , it is what was called quite a long time ago , the ”wave technique” where the thrower was trying to do a simple turn when letting the discus go up and down like riding a wave and trying to control the ”scooping effect” in the delivery. -This style was usually favored by the ”big arm” hitters , relying more on their striking power than fulling using the biomechanical factors of the throw . Documents available : 1- (Tech) PDF 3 pages with analysis of a photo sequence. 2-Vid1 -Video analysis of the same throw out of a document published on Facebook.

WEISSHAIDINGER Tech Analysis 70m foul