Dsc 57 Sina Malia SU’A (NZL) 12y The best pre teenager in the world ?

48.78m with the 750g discus at just over 12y and most likely more than 50m before the end of the year , that’s not common inside the throwing circles where people are usually already celebrating when , at this age , they reach the 30m line !  Of course , there is a controversy about the so called ”early specialisation” but the arguments exchanged are more theoreticians disputes who forget that there will always be special cases who don’t fit in the norms statistics . Of course , we are not talking about ”pushing” and coaching young people like adults , but when you deal with somebody ”special” do you tell him to go and come back later , or do you try to find the most appropriate way to help them do their first steps on the path to personal accomplishment  . Many other sport do not have this sort thoughtfulness and are great early talents consumers .

What concerns Sina Malia , she has obviously a morphology ”calling” for the throwing events ; she is more solid that the average girl this age but still has a relatively frequent build among the Pacific Island people. Her chance has been to meet her mentor Walter GILL , father of a certain Jacko GILL , a precocious talent if there was ever one (And who is making a remarquable career now among the World elite) . Priority was given to learning the technical bases where there is still obviously room for improvement

The problem is also that Sina Malia is very likely also the best pre teenager shot putter in the world (See our specific chapter in the shot put section) . for the moment she is doing the 2 events in parallel with the added difficulties to make the differences between the specific adaptations of the rotational technique required by these 2 events . there will come a time where she will have to make a  crucial choice , but this is still far away. In the moment, let’s wait for what is going to happen , especially at the time of the transfer to the 1kg implement ( Only in …3 years)

Because yes , Sina Malia will still be U13 in 2024 and U14 in 202

available documents   : 1-Video discus 2023 12y from behind -2-Video discuse 2023 12 ans from side -3-Full technical analysis and statistics


Sina Malia SU'A Tech analysis discus
SU'A Sina Malia Dsc behind July 2023 12y