Dsc 03 My favourite exercises part 1 : Developing the specific power

This may give some ideas on what is good to use to develop the specific discus throwing power (Out of the weight training) . Basically , one can throw nearly anything and there will be in this blog other videos with more ideas and more exercises. These implements are very basic and can be easily self made . But remember the guidelines : 1-Stay as close as possible to the real throw technique and coordination 2-The heavier the implement , the less speed and the more risk of spoiling the right motion 3-The heavier the implement , the more simple throwing technique (Half turn – Standing throw) . Long bars and heavier weights than the discus give an artificial feeling of ”late” arm action , try to transfer this feeling to the real throw by using combinations of different implements and different weight , including the discus itself. Document : Vid1 Specific power with Med ball , bags , bars…More documents to be progressively added.

Developing specific power compil exercises