Dsc 04 My favourites exercises Part 2 : The standing throw

Everybody does standing throws , but not everybody does it properly. Standing throw does not mean …JUST STAND AND THROW ! In fact even if the is no motion of the whole body , there are still body weight transfers and successive actions from different parts of the body to realize a summation of forces until the final slamming action. A BAD standing throw is a throw ONLY WITH THE ARM , a GOOD standing throw is a throw WITHOUT the arm or where the arm has been thrown itself …and of course the implement it is holding. It seems quite simple at the first look but it is not that easy to ”Forget” one’s arm as this is certainly one of the most important stages when ”building” a thrower. However one must not forget to do hundreds of imitations and reps with different implements and also not forget that the standing throw is not an end in itself and that you will have to implant progressively the rest of the turn as soon as possible. Available documents : Vid1 .Standing throw exercises with Alexander PARKINSON …more to come

Standing throw exercises compilation