Dsc 05 The entry and the left foot pivot

The best way to finish a throw …is to start it properly ! Some faults done at the beginning will never be ”recovered” later in the throw. Then it is wiser not to do them and know about the essentials conditions of a good start. Of course not everybody starts in the same way, there are different styles and even different techniques . But the purpose of the game is always the same : bring the thrower at the end of the left foot pivot into the most favorable position to be able to keep going with the next phase : the ”building momentum” , the one where he really will build the POWER of his throw . Without good starting bases with a good balance , a good range and an optimal well controlled speed , a throw becomes a lottery …And you don’t win very often at the lottery. . This document is completely new (Created 25-04-2020) and is a 12 pages PDF which take you through all the intentions and the actions of the throwers.Using original documents with top level athletes . Document added 29-04-2020 Vid 1 : several exercises the entry and left foot pivot

The entry and the left foot pivot
The entry and preliminary speed phase