Dsc 18 Wolfgang SCHMIDT Technical model up dated

The German Wolfgang SCHMIDT has certainly a spot among the ”big names” of the event. He is still considered by many coaches (whom I belong) as THE technical model. With an ideal morphology of 1,99m and 115kg , he was among the first throwers to break the 70m line , a distance which is always exclusive to a small club of throwers. He was one of the best throwers in the world in the years 1975/1995 , a rival to his countryman Jürgen SCHULT , still the world record holder, and has a PB of 71,16m . This could have been further if it has not been for a troubled history which , for political reasons , forced him to escape his country political system , at the time called East Germany DDR . On the technical side which is more our purpose , he is very typical of the ”German school” . Simple and efficient . the positions and postures are perfect with as little as possible of the produced energy lost for transmission to the implement .Available documents are : 1-a 6 pages PDF with phase by phase technical Analysis made from the IAAF official photo sequence poster , 2-Vid1 A video adapted from Wurf team with slow motion 66,22m and 65,15m throw 3-Vid2 a video of a 66,82m throw . Videos taken from the web are not of great quality but it is all we have for the moment.

Wolfgang SCHMIDT Technical analysis
Wolfgang SCHMIDT Tech analysis from front