Dsc 20 Kristjan CEH 68.75m Technical analysis European U23 record

68.75m at 21 years , best ever U23 world all time performance (beating the former 68.60m performance by Wolfgang SCHMIDT in 1976) and here is the young Slovenian also taking a spot in the world senior elite. Of course with a eight of 2.06m , it helps , but you have to know how to control this tall body as most of the tall guys have more difficulty and take more time to maturate technically. Looking at his progression , it seems that Kristjan has also had a few problems because he started only last year to make his name known from the discus fans when winning the U23 European title after he was a rather average thrower when still in the U18 or U20 age groups. . Now his technique is quite efficient and he makes good use of his long levers . He is even quite fast and his balance and postures are good. The question is now to know how he is going to develop and progress further and what are going to be his choices . More strength , this is quite likely but thereis always the risk to lose the natural athletics abilities and start to have to deal with and move some extra body weight . Anyways , the international men discus scene is regenerating with a new generation of talents knocking at the door of which the american are curiously absent.. Documents : 1-PDF 7 pages tech analysis photosequence à 68,75m throw 2-Vid 1 Video analysis same throw.

CEH 68.75m technical analysis