Dsc 26 Sandra PERKOVIC 70.88m Documents

The Croatian athlete is without doubt the number 1 in the world since nearly 10 years with an incredible palmares including 2 olympic titles , 2 world champs and 5 European champs wins and a number of other medals and achievement. She would have been the favourite for a third Olympic win this year in Japan it it has not been for the cancellation of the Olympics . her PB is 71,41m in 2017.. She has been ah early developer , throwing 55m at 17y and nearly 63m at 19y before conquering the senior discus throwing world .. There is unfortunately a stain in the picture with a doping offense suspension in 2011 which was quite controversial. Anyway she is a great competitor and she can rely not only on her good nerves but also on a solid technique .. Also in this chapter a document on her training -Available documents : 1-TECH1 – PDF 7 pages photo sequence 70,88m commented analysis -2-VID1 Same throw video analysis -3-VID2 Sandra PERKOVIC specific TRAINING (Document repris de video IAAF)

Sandra PERKOVIC 70.88m technical analysis