Dsc 27 Choosing the right implement

All implements are not the same and they have benefited a lot from the technology through the years. The Ancient Greeks were throwing stone discus with weights completely different depending the competition. Then in the modern sport , discus were initially made of wood with a metal rim . But wood is not especially convenient as it scratches easily and don’t support humidity. Then came the composite materials , bakelite , plastic and now carbon fiber. But the main revolutionary invention was due to a Frenchman. William FOURREAU , a former WW2 pilote and engineer , who got the idea to shift most of the weight on the outside metal rim of the implement to insure a better stabiiization in flight. His discus , the ”disque OBOL” broke several world records and was soon imitated and developed by the other brands > Now we are talking about ”high spin” and ”low spin” implements . OK , high spin is supposed to create more ”air cushion” when penetrating into the air flow but I am afraid that this is not really making much difference and belongs more to some sort of ”technologic mode” very similar to what we see with the golf clubs which are all supposed to add more distance to your drive but in fact take more money out of your pocket. Another point to consider with the discus is the thickness of the rim which is really giving the personal ”feeling” in your fingers . A thinner edge could be a better choice considering the penetration in the air . Also , not to forget that , the most ”sophisticated” with very thin plates , then the more expensive and the more fragile ! A good idea : ”Never throw in training with your competition discus ! ” .So BEWARE OF THE COMMERCIAL TALKING BULLSHIT ! Available documents : -1-PDF 9 pages advertising document from Neuff 2-Tech 2 PDF 7 pages choosing the right discus advertising from Matt Ellis 3-VID 1 Coach Matt Ellis on Nelco

Choosing the right discus